Jie Li

University Associate Professor
Fellow of Downing College
01223 765707

Research Interests

Dr J. Li’s research focuses on the investigation of multiphase flows using state of the art numerical methods. His expertise lies in interface tracking methods and the modelling of the physical phenomena on the interface. He is among the early pioneers who invented independently a second order Volume of Fluid (VOF) method, a very popular interface tracking method nowadays. He has also developed a highly accurate and efficient adaptive mesh method which is tailored for the study of moving boundary problems. He has used his methods to investigate important phenomena involved in multiphase flows, including viscoelasticity, surface tension, surfactant, contact line, triplet point, rarefied gas dynamics, droplet collisions and droplet impact on solid walls.

Dr. Li’s work in the field of multiphase flows is well recognized: his work was cited more than 2000 times and his h-index is 19.

Photos of an ethanol bubble rising to and interacting with a free surface (experiment by Sunol and Gonzalez-Cinca). Red and green lines are the computed bubble and surface.

Selected publications