About the Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows

The Institute is an interdisciplinary Research Institute in the University of Cambridge, with a focus on fluid mechanics and surface science. Its 5 parent departments in the University are Earth Sciences, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Engineering.


The mission of the institute is to carry out fundamental scientific research addressing challenges related to the supply, storage and use of energy and the impact on the environment, using the principles of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and surface science. The Institute uses a combination of experimental and theoretical modelling to address this broad class of technical challenges with a highly interdisciplinary research team spanning expertise in mathematics, physics, chemistry, earth science, chemical engineering and engineering.

Current interests include research on carbon storage; low energy building design; electrolytes and batteries; geothermal heat; deep ocean mixing; surface water and flooding; pollutant transport and dispersion; surface coatings; corrosion; and water management and treatment.

Institute seminars


Ed Hinton, Thu, 04 Jul 2024 11:30:00 +0000

Open Plan Area, Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows, Madingley Rise CB3 0EZ

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Research at the Institute covers diverse topics. Over the past 20 years, our research has impacted many key areas, such as the design of low energy ventilation systems for buildings, new insights into carbon sequestration technology, improved functioning of lubricants, and new encapsulation processes for bio-active washing powders.

We have a wide range of researchers, from undergraduate students to post doctoral researchers, and offer annual fully funded PhD scholarships. If you are interested in working or studying at the Institute, see our list of roles and projects or contact the relevant member of staff.

For more information on the Institute, see our introduction or contact us.

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