Non-covalent interactions: Halogen bonded 2D layers

Researchers: Prof Stuart Clarke

We have a longstanding and on-going interest in 2D monolayer of molecular materials and their structures. We have investigated a range of intermolecular interactions between the adsorbed molecules from van der Waals interactions, to dipolar species (refs. 1-4). This goes from ubiquitious van der Waals interactions (refs. 5-6) and supramolecular, non-covalent bonding interactions such as hydrogen bonding (refs. acids 7-10, amides 11-14, alcohols 15-17) and more recently halogen bonding (refs. 18-21).

Some images below illustrate some of the binary mixture 2D layers held together by halogen bonding. Halogen bonding is an interesting and relatively new interaction very similar is some ways to hydrogen bonding. It is reasonably strong and directional, by is not a permanent covalent bond. As illustrated in the table below, by changing the chemical nature of the components, strong and weak halogen bonds can be found. In the limit of very weak halogen bonds, no co-crystal forms at all.

A table of organic compounds and their crystals, with comments


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