Modelling hydrogen production by electrolysis

Two new PhD awards are available to model hydrogen production by electrolysis using either experiments or theoretical modelling. Hydrogen is likely to play a major role in large scale energy storage and this research is designed to make the generation of hydrogen more efficient. Novel experimental approaches will be developed to accelerate and reduce energy losses during the electrolysis process.

Modelling reactions and precipitation during the injection of CO2 rich water into basalts as a means of large scale carbon storage

Small scale field experiment in Iceland suggest there is considerable potential for such approaches to open up new carbon storage sites leading to mineral storage of CO2

Modelling the injection of hydrogen into subsurface formations including salt caverns as part of the emerging energy storage industry

The energy efficiency and approach to storage and recovery of hydrogen requires considerable research to optimise the system; this PhD is designed to explore approaches to achieve this.

To apply, please submit an application through the Board of Graduate Studies in Cambridge. If you would like more details please contact Catherine Pearson at IEEF, and enclose a 1 page statement of your interests and a record of your academic results to date. We are especially interested in candidates with a first class or very high 2.1 degree in mathematics, engineering, physics or chemical engineering. The IEEF welcomes researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds.

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