The Fourth Cambridge Environmental Flows Seminar will be held from 10am to 5pm on Friday 23rd September, at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Flows. All are welcome; please confirm your attendance with Catherine Pearson.

10-00 Andy Woods How big was the eruption of Hunga Tonga volcano

10-25 Stuart Clarke The Energy transition: at the boundaries of today’s key Challenges

10-50 Sasha Turchyn The influence of ocean chemistry on mineral formation during hydrothermal circulation in the oceanic crust

11-45 Jerome Neufeld Transient subglacial hydrology and erosion in the ground zone

12-10 Rod Jones Probing air quality -indoor and out

12-35 John Taylor Modelling seaweed cultivation and carbon sequestration

1-30 Marie Edmonds Geochemical observations of tropospheric volcanic plumes

2-05 Alex Routh Conformation of organic friction modifiers at the iron-oxide/dodecane interface

2-30 Neil Arnold Surface topographic impact of subglacial water beneath Mars’ south polar ice cap

3-20 Radomir Slavchov Carbon storage

3-45 Michael Herzog The Active Tracer High Resolution Atmospheric Model ATHAM: Model concept and applications

4-10 Colm Caulfield Teaching machines about ocean mixing

4-35 Oscar Branson Dynamic extreme environments on coral reefs

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