Mobbassar Hassan Sk

Research Associate
Chemistry; Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Research Interests

Dr M Hassan Sk is an applied materials and physical scientist, who has been working for several years in collaboration with some world-leading surface research and corrosion group, including Imperial College London, Universities of Manchester, Auburn (USA) and Auckland (New Zealand). His research focuses on designing and developing innovative experimental techniques and original in-situ approaches to study various surface phenomena at the most fundamental level. His cutting-edge analytical techniques address real-world problems, such as CCUS pipeline corrosion under critical conditions of commercial interest in a very innovative way.

As a part of the Institute and the Department of Chemistry, he has developed a unique set of state-of-the-art microscopic and spectroscopic techniques which are key to understanding several important real-world challenges at the most fundamental level, and to inform the best solutions to those problems by developing the most economical mitigation strategies. Some of his techniques include Confocal RAMAN, fluorescence based optical confocal used in Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Liquid-TEM, Technique based on non-linear optical phenomena (e.g., surface-specific Sum Frequency Generation (SFG)), Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR)), and number of synchrotron beamlines at various world’s leading Synchrotron facilities, namely Diamond Light Source, Swiss Light Source (Pollux), French Light Source (Hermes).